Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Return to Our (blogging) Roots

Note: TCP has been out of existence for a while now. Here is a Paintball related post from the Colonel's Other Blog.
Following a 3+ year Hiatus, three members of Taconite Country Paintball, plus our friend Brandon, dared to fire up the markers and venture out on the field again.

The Colonel found the following truths to be self evident:

1. It was too cold.

2. The Colonel stinks at Speedball. The following is a true conversation that occurred behind a bunker:

Small Wirey Player in a Bright Red Speedball Jersey: "Get Down! GET DOWN!"

C. Havoc: "Uh...I'm OLD. This is as "Down" as I get."

Half-frozen Paintball (Hitting the Colonel in the mask): SPLATTT!

Small Wirey Player: I Told you so.

3. The Colonel's friend, Brandon, is a GREAT Speedball Player. My shoulder still hurts.

4. TCP was actually pretty good while it lasted. The Colonel and Sons owe a debt of gratitude to Major Pain, General Gibby, Captain Paintburner, the Double Downs, young Lt. Frotsgner, and, of course, The Sarge, for challenging us and teaching the nuances of the woodland game. When the focus shifted into the trees, the carnage really began. By our count, Team Taconite (Col. Havoc & Sons, Brandon, and another camo-guy named Jason) had more than 25 kills without an elimination.

The first player I took out was Small Wirey Red-Jerseyed Guy.

Note: HUGE Plug for Devotion Paintball in Bemidji, Minnesota. They are a first class operation, run by great people, and their End-of-the-Season Bash was a rousing success.