Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pick-Up Game

Hey Paintballers!
A few players are getting together for a pick-up game:

This Saturday, June 28th
9:00 Am
Location: The Valley

Matt R is co-ordinating this one. It's not on the TCP schedule, but some of the TCP guys will be there.

Here's a map to the Valley:
Click Here for Map

Questions, please contact Matt R.
Or, if you don't have his contact info, you can E-mail old C. Havoc & I'll pass your questions and comments along.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Another Great Day Full of Paint

Last Saturday, the teams pretty much sorted out along the lines of age vs. speed.
Not surprisingly, the older, wiser, and much slower Blue team only took the first two games.(although it could be argued that game #1 was a draw) Then, once
lactic acid fermentation set in on the geriatrics, the Pink team carried the rest of the day.
Here's how it broke down....

Game #1: Blue began a push to the east and two tape runners to the west. The opening skirmish was dominated by Blue with a couple quick eliminations from the flank. Pink, however, slowed them down with some good defense at the flag station. Eliminations were traded until two Blue attackers (JB & HVS) faced a known Pink defender (DB) and an unknown sniper
(Young AR). The Blue attackers re-grouped, eliminating DB, and making a push for the flag. Upon taking the flag, JB & HVS headed back toward their own flag station and their own two remaining defenders.
Using neat move, AR sniped HVS and, motioning for him to remain silent, set out in pursuit of the quickly retreating JB. In a sceen hauntingly familiar from last year, AR welted up JB's back, thus recapturing Pink's flag and saving the team from a
decisive defeat.
The game ended minutes later as time expired with Blue having two remaining players to Pink's one. A technical victory for Blue, but a moral victory for Pink.

Game #2: Switch sides and go again. Blue repeated it's early game one success by gaining an advantage during the opening firefight. This time, however, Blue pressed that advantage by pulling their two defenders (
OLD AR and DM). With most of the conflict up the West side, AR & DM made a flanking tape run up the East. Encountering no Pink players, they were able to maneuver around and behind the Pink flag defenders. Despite a valiant effort, Pink's DD & GR, were eliminated by the combined front and rear assault. Blue captured the Pink flag and moments later saw victory as the final Pink player reported to camp as eliminated.

Game 3: Pink was not to be denied. Using a combination of speed (Provided by the young guys) and strategy (Provided by DB) they made short work of Blue in a Center Flag game. Sprinting for the flag at the opening, they also quickly out-flanked Blue in the middle of the field. During the carnage that followed, Blue was painfully schooled in the concept that, in Paintball, position & teamwork are everything. Fast, Decisive Victory for Pink.

Game #4: The teams moved down the trail to the Ridge theater of operations. The Scenario involved Blue defending the ridge, upon which sat "The Target" (a lone pine tree). Pink had 15 minutes to make physical contact with the tree, thus eliminating the Target. Blue attempted to hold a lower ridge, setting up a two tier line of defense. Pink, however, found shooting lanes from a nearby stand of trees, and either eliminated or drove back the Blue defenders until they overwhelmed the ridge, taking the target with plenty of time to spare. Victory: Pink

Game #5: Switch Sides, Go again. Pink, recognizing the weakness in Blue's previous defense, chose to defend the target by advancing on the south flank, through the trees, and eliminating each of the Blue attackers, assuring the Target's safety. Any opportunity by Blue to exploit Pink's bold strategy through a full-blown frontal assault was missed by C. Havoc and Cpl. Point B. Too little, too late. Court Martials are expected. Another Victory for Pink.

The following two games of "Gettysburg" were too painful to mention, other than to note that certain players discovered the importance of proper gloves, etc. (My knuckles are still swollen.) I really don't understand WHY we play that game. ("Whoa...that hurt...Let's play AGAIN!")

While C. Havoc and others limped home, tired but happy, about seven players stayed for some final pick-up action. It is our understanding that the final games were great and that EK is a warrior.

Next Game: Saturday, June 11, 8 am, Hwy 5 Location

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Next Game....

This Saturday, May 21st, 8 am.
Hwy 5 Location.
4 wheeler rides available at starting time.
Don't forget, if you need to borrow equipment, give Col. Havoc a call.

Kinda boring, cut and dried post, but it's been a long week.

Can't WAIT to get out there and have some fun!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Still Looking for a Good Marker?

Whoa, there are some decent sales going on out there... (I sound like my wife)

The Tippmann A-5, a favorite of many TCP members, is selling for $219.60 at
Action Village . The A-5 features a "Paddle Feed" built-in hopper system that virtually eliminates ball chop and can keep up with a 15+ BPS fire rate.

The A-5 can also be easily upgraded to the
Tippmann Flatline Barrel for extra distance and accuracy. The Flatline barrels are currently selling at a reduced price of $99.00

I do not own an A-5, but the guys that do swear by them. My son, who
works a lot of hours, (even on sale, these things are not cheap) ordered one as soon as he saw the sale price.

TCP does not make any claims about Action Village, their products, or service. We simply post this information as a public service.

Note that if you were to order an A-5, you would also need a Mask (about $30-$40), a CO2 Tank (20 oz. Recommended, about $25-$30), a Barrel Sleeve ($5-$10), but NOT a hopper.

There are also lots of great markers out there in the $79-$150 range. TCP members, what do you like? Comments are welcome.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Still Need a Mask?

If you are shopping for a decent Thermal mask, has V-Force Shields in basic black, on sale for under $30. A thermal mask is a pretty important piece of equipment, since a player with a low to medium grade marker will usually eliminate a player with a fogged-up mask, even if that player has a "longer range" marker. There are many good, thermal masks out there. I personally have a v-force and am very happy with it. Lately they have been selling for about $35. TCP makes no claims as to's service or selection, but brings you this information as a simple public service.

Any other favorite masks? Leave comments!

Coming soon: Marker forums...

Monday, May 02, 2005

First Game Recap

Sunday-1 May-1500 hrs
29 men
42 degrees farenheit
Snow and intermittent hail

Actually, the snow and hail stopped just before game time, and resumed as we were loading up. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Following a Safety and Rules orientation by Sgt. Big Dually, we randomly divided into two teams of seemingly equal strength...

Or so we thought...

The day began very well for Blue. The first two games of capture the flag found Blue dominating the openning skirmishes and cruising to decisive victories. The safe zone, where eliminated players gather, could have easily been named "Pink Headquarters" from the number of pink players lounging there.

C. Havoc, of the Pink team, showed his paintball prowess by being promptly eliminated within 2 minutes in each of the first two games. I was, however, then able to switch into "Press" mode and capture some video... (PRESS! I'm PRESS! Please don't SHOOT me!)

To watch video click play button. It may take a while to load. Note: If it still doesn't play, may be exceeding our "free" space for video downloading. It's cool that we're all visiting the site...Keep trying. It clears itself on the hour.

Things began to change a bit in the third game. Pink held off Blue in a "Center Flag" game, while Sgt. Dually and Rod made an heroic dash through a creek bed to flank Blue from the west. Unfortunately for the Pink Patrol, their defenses finally collapsed in a hail of paint, with Blue rushing the flag to victory while Dually & Rod's counter attack was only yards away.

Blue 3-Pink 0

With a couple of players having to leave (AWOL?), Hank & Tim stepped it up and crossed over from Blue to Pink. Their selflessness paid off in spades. In game 4, Pink made a mad dash to the flag. Once it was secured, they combined a ferocious frontal assault with the flag bearers treking through the same swamp around the western flank to victory.

A final game up on "the flats" featured excellent firefights on each side, with Pink finally emerging victorious.

Final Results:

Blue 3, Pink 2,

A Great Day in the Field...Everyone.

Here's some Pictures... Comments are Welcome...See you on the 21st.

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