Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Return to Our (blogging) Roots

Note: TCP has been out of existence for a while now. Here is a Paintball related post from the Colonel's Other Blog.
Following a 3+ year Hiatus, three members of Taconite Country Paintball, plus our friend Brandon, dared to fire up the markers and venture out on the field again.

The Colonel found the following truths to be self evident:

1. It was too cold.

2. The Colonel stinks at Speedball. The following is a true conversation that occurred behind a bunker:

Small Wirey Player in a Bright Red Speedball Jersey: "Get Down! GET DOWN!"

C. Havoc: "Uh...I'm OLD. This is as "Down" as I get."

Half-frozen Paintball (Hitting the Colonel in the mask): SPLATTT!

Small Wirey Player: I Told you so.

3. The Colonel's friend, Brandon, is a GREAT Speedball Player. My shoulder still hurts.

4. TCP was actually pretty good while it lasted. The Colonel and Sons owe a debt of gratitude to Major Pain, General Gibby, Captain Paintburner, the Double Downs, young Lt. Frotsgner, and, of course, The Sarge, for challenging us and teaching the nuances of the woodland game. When the focus shifted into the trees, the carnage really began. By our count, Team Taconite (Col. Havoc & Sons, Brandon, and another camo-guy named Jason) had more than 25 kills without an elimination.

The first player I took out was Small Wirey Red-Jerseyed Guy.

Note: HUGE Plug for Devotion Paintball in Bemidji, Minnesota. They are a first class operation, run by great people, and their End-of-the-Season Bash was a rousing success.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sunday August 6th ...OK, WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO?

Let's get right to it....Sunday brought out a new level of good healthy competition......no over-whelming winner of a team, just straight up great play. If you were one of the 14 guys who were there, I would like to personally thank you for a great afternoon of fun. All players were giving it all they had that day.

Quick note of business, Colonel Havoc has turned over the reigns of this Blog to Major Pain (who can barely program his own alarm clock) however will still be active in helping the Major with a barrel of questions about compoooters. What does this mean to you, no more quick wit commets and intelligent game recaps. We thank you Colonel for EVERYTHING you have done. You ROCK!! see ya on the field.

More to follow soon.......
carry on,
Major Pain

Sunday August 6th

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


When: Saturday, July15
Time: 10 am-4 pm
Where: Kerr Valley

96 Degrees!!!!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Pick-up Game Saturday

It has come to the Colonel's attention that some of the guys are getting together for a pick-up game...

When: Saturday, July 8th, 10 am- 4 pm
Where: Kerr Location, of Course.

All are welcome. Go out & paint somebody.

Don't forget our regularly schedule games the following Saturday (the 15th) at the same place & time....

P.S. "Pick-up" Get it?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Game On...Sunday

Next TCP Game:

Sunday, June 25
2-6 pm
Kerr Valley

The Col. will be AWOL for this one.
Please see your Squad Leaders with Questions or to reserve rental equipment.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pick Up Game

Hey, Y'all...

Some of the guys will be gathering for a pick-up game:

This Saturday, June 18th
10 am- 4 pm
At Kerr Valley

Painter Buz is organizing this one.

Give him a call or e-mail with questions.

Don't froget our next TCP Game:
Sunday, June 25
2 pm-6pm
Kerr Valley

Have Fun!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good Fights, Good Food, Great Fun

June 4 Recap & Pics...
(Thanks to Gary G for taking & sending in the photos)

Round Robin Play:
The Col.'s Team got schooled, going 0-3...(Sorry, Guys)

Pink Team was 0-2, until they smoked the Colonel. (Naturally)

Congratulations to Blue & Orange. Both were 2-0 going into their final match. That game ended in a draw. (Hmmmph) Both team finished at the top of the heap with 2-0-1 records.

Blue Team Lives the life of Luxury under, not one, but TWO canopies

In the Larger, Double Flag Game, C. Havoc's Yellow team joined up with Blue, while Tim's Pink Commandos joined forces with Orange.

The Blue team sent a large force up the East Ridge line, with Double Downs running covert operations up the West Tape line. Kyle was eliminated, but Doug took out 5 orange players... solo. Once Doug merged with the West Squad they took the flag and returned with a victory.

C. Havoc made up for his early exit from all three round robin games by sitting back on defense and doing absolutely nothing. His & Bob's one contribution in this game was not shooting Doug and Doogie when they returned with the flag.

Lt. Laeupple gets his Orange team fired up

While the remaining players engaged in some “Paintburner” the Col. & Doogie struck camp and headed back to headquarters to fire up the BBQ.

It’s a good thing he cooks better than he shoots.

The Squads enjoy some much-deserved relaxation

Thanks again to Gary G for the pics.

Next Game: Sunday, June 25th

See you there.