Monday, May 22, 2006

May 20th Results

Here's Some results and Pics from our May 20th Event...

Morning Round Robin Play:
Yellow Team Dominated...Congratulations.

Full-Field Double Flag:
1st Game: Blue team sent a large force up the west tape line, and quickly overwhelmed a smaller, orange resistance.
Orange made an attempt on Blue's flag station from the Northeast corner, but Blue's defense held. The Blue attacking force returned with the flag. Game over...Blue Victory.

2nd Game: Orange's Turn. A change of tactics sent 13 of the team's 14 players up the east tape line. This large orange push proved to be too much for blue's defense as players were eliminated one or two at a time. Victory: Orange.

The day's highlight was a classic "protect the President" scenario. B.P. volunteered to wear the "target vest." 8 players disappeared into the woods as the sniper force. 18 good men were responsible to safely transport our man to three different flag stations and back to base.

The play was intense, especially at flag stations near the sniper's regeneration point. After numerous fire-fights, many eliminations and re-entries on both sides, K.D., (in typical fashion) moved stealthily into the protector's circle an eliminated his target moments before enduring a barrage of paint. Game over: Victory to the Snipers.

A real good time had by all.

Here's some pics...

L.M. Chonys out at 299 F.P.S.

Cpl. Kranny does a Great Job as Supply Officer

B.B.'s canopy provides a comfortable camp for his Orange team.

TCP events always open with prayer. We enjoy a safe and fun day of competition.

A rare shot of C. Havoc, sans mask. Everyone agrees that he looks best out of focus.

S.S., R.P. and Blue Team Captain, Major "Pain" Benson (he was...)

The Major's Daughter, on the other hand, was a perfect little lady, and suffered the long day like a paintball trooper. (Why does that line bring vague recollection of a song by Paul McCartney and Wings? The Col. is dating himself again.)

Speaking of suffering, M.R. plays through an illness and still looks good at days end.

Next Event: Sunday, June 4th, 2-6 pm

See you there...


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