Friday, November 18, 2005

Until Next Season

Our Official 2005 Season here at TCP has ended. This is probably a good thing when you consider how unproductive it is to be in full camo with a paintball marker during, say, deer season. For our sake, and the hunters, we cease operations until next April.

In the meantime, just to keep the Blog active, I will TRY to post some plagiarised tips & stuff once in a while throughout the winter.

"mmmnnn...try not....Do, or Do not...There IS no try..." SPLAT!!! "Hmmmnnn....Hurt, that did. A big welt I now have..."

OK, fantasies about shooting Yoda aside, If you've just found this site, and are in our area, you are welcome to join us for some paintball when we resume.

In the meantime, here's some links to check out...

Minnesota Paintball Forum hosted by Derek, one of our Premiere Guest Players last year. I still feel the bruises from his barrage of paint.

Beginner Recommendations, if you'd like to get set up to join us.

Safety Rules. (We don't mind you getting hurt...we just don't want you injured.)

How to get
Loaner Gear if you just want to try out the game.

And hey, read through the archives. It's old, it's stupid, but it beats having
this on your screen all day.

See you this spring...