Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good Fights, Good Food, Great Fun

June 4 Recap & Pics...
(Thanks to Gary G for taking & sending in the photos)

Round Robin Play:
The Col.'s Team got schooled, going 0-3...(Sorry, Guys)

Pink Team was 0-2, until they smoked the Colonel. (Naturally)

Congratulations to Blue & Orange. Both were 2-0 going into their final match. That game ended in a draw. (Hmmmph) Both team finished at the top of the heap with 2-0-1 records.

Blue Team Lives the life of Luxury under, not one, but TWO canopies

In the Larger, Double Flag Game, C. Havoc's Yellow team joined up with Blue, while Tim's Pink Commandos joined forces with Orange.

The Blue team sent a large force up the East Ridge line, with Double Downs running covert operations up the West Tape line. Kyle was eliminated, but Doug took out 5 orange players... solo. Once Doug merged with the West Squad they took the flag and returned with a victory.

C. Havoc made up for his early exit from all three round robin games by sitting back on defense and doing absolutely nothing. His & Bob's one contribution in this game was not shooting Doug and Doogie when they returned with the flag.

Lt. Laeupple gets his Orange team fired up

While the remaining players engaged in some “Paintburner” the Col. & Doogie struck camp and headed back to headquarters to fire up the BBQ.

It’s a good thing he cooks better than he shoots.

The Squads enjoy some much-deserved relaxation

Thanks again to Gary G for the pics.

Next Game: Sunday, June 25th

See you there.


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