Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pick-Up Game!

How's this for a pre-season Warm-up?
Rod is hosting a pick-up game at Patrol Base Pelkey this Saturday, April 22.
If you would like to play, Bring your gear (Make sure you have paint and CO2), and report to Rod's place at 0800 hours. (8 am).

Note: Actual Appearance of Patrol Base Pelkey may vary from this Illustration

Rod's Place is located about 15 minutes from Hibbing, South on 169.
Drive just past Snowball Lake,
Go UNDER the OVERPASS (Say that a few's fun.)
The First PAVED road on the right is Snowball Road. Take it.
Rod's is the first house on the right. (Fire # 31116)

Anyway, here's a

If you need to call Rod, his # is 218-259-5081.

And don't forget, our First Official TCP Event is Sunday April 30th at
Kerr Valley. Due to a Prior Committment,the Colonel can't make this Saturday's pick-up game, so PLEASE paint Mr. Pelkey & Mr. Brownlee for me.)

Thank you.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Meeting...And Schedule

Here's the Schedule:

First Game:
Sunday, April 30th
2 pm-6 pm
Kerr Valley

Click Here to Download the rest of the 2006 Schedule.

If you missed the Meeting at Fort Fleetwood, here's a quick recap. Since we're all Paintballers, I'll use a lot of pictures and very small words....

Cpt. Paintburner Explains the Saftey Rules. Seriously, Click Here for a Copy, These are a MUST READ.

Maj. Benson Explains the Schedule and the importance of wearing a Funny Yellow Cap.

Cpt. "Cool Hand" covers the Squad Assignments. If you are not on a squad yet, contact a squad leader, or just come to a game and we'll hook you up.

We also covered Loaner Equipment, Donations, and the Web Site.

Then it was outside for some Target Practice.

The Squad Leader names provided extra incentive.

C. Havoc's Target was the farthest away. (50+ yrds...) This reflected his "Run & Hide" game strategy. (They still hit it.)

Cpt. Paintburner demonstrates his name with an A-5 Response Trigger.

The shooting went well past dark.

Josh test fires his side arm. Be very afraid.

So, Let the Season Begin.
Questions?...Please Leave a Comment.
Otherwise, see you on the 30th.

(TCP is an unofficial MEN'S Paintball Club. Sorry Ladies.)