Monday, August 22, 2005

Game On...SUNDAY

Here's our next tournament:

Sunday, August 28
3 pm-8 pm
Kerr Valley (Click here for Map)

Attendance at the previous two outings has been great.

We had a ton of fun last time and would like to welcome Eric and the team, who were fresh back from a Big Game in Oklahoma. Great to have you guys...Hope you make it out again.

As always, we have gear available for newer guys, so invite your friends or come out yourselves. Just E-mail Me or give me a call (969-9917) to reserve your stuff.

Quick housekeeping note: We're trying to get a handle on how effective this Blog is for Game info, etc. If you are reading this, could you take a quick second (or five minutes if you have a computer like mine) and leave a comment. Something witty, or just "yeah, I read it," would be fine.

See you Sunday,
Bring Lots of Paint.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Next Game: August 13th

Our previous outing on July 31st was considered a great event by all who attended. Special commendations go out to Cpl. Point Benson (This is not him: He usually looks worse...) for his outstanding work in scouting and preparing the Kerr Valley theatre of operations.

Due to the quality of this site, we will be returning to
Kerr Valley for our next engagement:

Saturday, August 13
8 am- 2 pm

Click here for a Map to this field.

As always, you can check out some good
loaner equipment if you would like to give this sport a try.

Contact C. Havoc if you need gear or have any questions. New recruits always welcome.