Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sunday August 6th ...OK, WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO?

Let's get right to it....Sunday brought out a new level of good healthy over-whelming winner of a team, just straight up great play. If you were one of the 14 guys who were there, I would like to personally thank you for a great afternoon of fun. All players were giving it all they had that day.

Quick note of business, Colonel Havoc has turned over the reigns of this Blog to Major Pain (who can barely program his own alarm clock) however will still be active in helping the Major with a barrel of questions about compoooters. What does this mean to you, no more quick wit commets and intelligent game recaps. We thank you Colonel for EVERYTHING you have done. You ROCK!! see ya on the field.

More to follow soon.......
carry on,
Major Pain

Sunday August 6th